(MàJ 10/11/2019) : une nouvelle version de vorpX est disponible… 


vorpX 19.3.1

– Workaround for a potential SteamVR issue that frequently prevented games to show in WMR headsets.
– Games failed to launch with vorpX on Windows 7.
– The vorpX desktop viewer did not work anymore.
– Shadows were broken in Farming Simulator 2017.


vorpX 19.3.0

– Initial (beta) Direct3D 12 support, currently Z3D only.
– DirectVR memory scanner reliability improvements.
– New updater, hopefully less prone to false positve detections by trigger happy AV-programs.


– Fixed a small D3D11 G3D memory leak in games that frequently recreate constant buffers (e.g. Unreal Engine 4).
– Fixed a potential D3D9 DLL path mismatch.
– Automatically created profiles for unsupported games had no .exe assigned in system config.
– Touch controllers did not work as intended in SteamVR mode with forced legacy OpenVR input.

New Game Profiles:

Red Dead Redemption II: Z3D, Immersive Screen Mode, DirectVR: tweaks
The Outer Worlds: G3D/Z3D, FullVR mode, DirectVR: tracking, FOV, tweaks

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

GTA V: workaround for VR controller issues with mods that use OpenVR legacy input
CounterStrike GO: fixed hook not working after a recent game update.
Conarium: improved DirectVR memory scanner settings
Blair Witch: improved DirectVR memory scanner settings
Conan Exiles: improved DirectVR memory scanner settings


vorpX 19.2.4

– New D3D9 font renderer: fixes severe FPS degradation (up to 70%) during the first minutes (while the start hint is shown) with Half-Life 2, Portal, The Darkness II and possibly other D3D9 games.
– Improved D3D11 G3D heuristics (~30% G3D performance gain in Blair Witch).
– Improved binary settings file support for the DirectVR settings optimizer.


– G3D camera height modifier should now always work again without positional tracking. Please note that the setting may behave different with/without positional tracking enabled in some cases.
– Settings for official profiles could not be uploaded anymore in the config app.
– Final headset render target size re-evaluated when the game resolution changes. Fixes low render target size in games that open a small window on start before switching to full res.

New Game Profiles:

Blair Witch: G3D/Z3D, FullVR, scalable 3D HUD, DirectVR: FOV, resolution, tracking.


jeux compatibles vorpX

vorpX 19.2.3

– Better left handed Touch/Index/WMR controller support: left/right mappings can be swapped
– Better handling of user profile uploads: profile creators can now always upload their profiles with the original profile ID.
– Various minor VRController improvements.
Injection indicator and version string automatically fade out after two minutes.


– Profile cloud connection could time out too early and without any feedback in the config app.
– ImageZoom setting now always consistent between devices as intended. User profile authors will have to re-save and re-upload affected profiles for this to work. Only required for profiles with ImageZoom < 1.0 that were created on any other device than an Oculus Rift.
– Animated windows (e.g. the settings menu) could stay invisible when opening/closing them too fast
– Switching OpenVR controller types in the vorpX menu wasn’t entirely reliable.
– G3D camera height modifier was added in flipped direction without positional tracking.
– Under some circumstances in immersive screen mode the screen could disappear while EdgePeek was active.

New Game Profiles:

Resident Evil 2 (2019): G3D/Z3D, immersive screen, scalable 3D HUD, DirectVR: auto settings

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

GTA IV: phone screen now part of the scalable 3D HUD
– GTA V: default play style changed to immersive screen mode since unfortunately the DirectVR FOV does not work correctly anymore with the latest game version.


vorpX 19.2.2

– SteamVR input redone. Now uses the (not so) new VRInput() system.
– Valve Index controller support
– Windows Mixed Reality controller support
– Oculus Touch support in SteamVR mode
Fallout 76 Geometry 3D fixed (was broken with latest game version).
– Correct hand/weapon scale for Skyrim/Skyrim SE
– Positional tracking improvements
– Unity 5 base profile fixed.
– Various minor fixes and improvements.


vorpX 19.2.1

– Rift S audio switching support.
– D3D9 improvements, may help in unsupported DX9 games using state blocks.
– D3D11 compatibility improvements
– The actual value is shown for settings that are set to ‘Device Default’
– vorpX shortcuts launch programs without hooking if the watcher is disabled.
– To deal with Pimax’s ‘Compatible With Vive Only Games’ setting a warning is shown if the headset is detected as Vive while Pimax software is running.
– No more ~5 seconds hooking delay after a clean game exit. Now only delayed if a game hangs.


– D3D9 Z3D pipeline init was incomplete (vorpX 18.1.5 regression).
– D3D9 Z3D HUD scaling was not working anymore in some games despite the feature being available.
– Z3D did not work anymore in various games when loading pre 19.1.0 profiles.
– Fixed a rare crash condition that could occur occasionally with multithreaded games during init.
– Game settings changed by DirectVR weren’t always saved for Metro: Exodus

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

The Long Dark: Geometry 3D was broken after game update, 3D HUD added
Tomb Raider Anniversary: fixed sea water glitch
Mass Effect 1-3: default to immersive screen mode now instead of cinema
– Z3D base paramaters adjusted for various profiles



– On Windows 7 some DX11 games could crash with SteamVR.
Metro Exodus: Shadows are now disabled per default with Geometry 3D for a 50-80% performance boost. If you already have vorpX 19.2.0 installed, either reset the profile to default or switch off shadows manually in the vorpX menu.
– New headset render target size calculation slightly modified.


vorpX 19.2.0

– C API that provides headset/vorpX functions for mods that use vorpX as renderer. Enhances the
user experience, also no more conflicts due to multiple VR API instances. Details in the help.
– More DirectVR resolution steps added (up to 2400p), check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ help section.
– Various compatibility improvements in the DX11 pipeline
– Support for newer (Windows 10) DXGI interfaces
– Headset render target size calculation handles edge cases better
– Config app remembers folder paths for various open/save dialogs between sessions
– Stereo separation for EdgePeek mode can now be scaled instead of just switched on/off
– Larger screen distance range in Immersive Screen Mode
– Help updated and expanded


– Mapping VR Controller buttons in the vorpX menu didn’t work correctly anymore
– Fetching cloud profiles could fail after server update
– G3D to Z3D switching could cause visual glitches in some games with complex render pipelines,
the other way around may still require a restart in such cases.
– FPS counter could not be displayed if first activated while FPS warning was shown
– ALT key override state wasn’t correct on game start regardless of saved setting
– Positional tracking in z-direction was slightly too strong in some games
– Some deprecated settings were treated wrong, causing issues with loading their new counterparts
– Enabling/disabling the DirectVR FOV via the vorpX menu did not work as intended in some games
– Shaders could appear multiple times in the ‘All Shaders’ list of the shader authoring menu
– Loading/restoring settings from the shader authoring menu did not undo all previous changes

New Game Profiles:

Metro Exodus: G3D/Z3D, FullVR, 3D HUD, DirectVR: tracking, FOV, resolution, tweaks
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: G3D/Z3D, 3D HUD, FullVR, DirectVR: tracking, FOV, resolution, tweaks
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: G3D/Z3D, Immersive Screen Mode, 3D HUD
Mordhau: G3D/Z3D, FullVR, 3D HUD, DirectVR: FOV, resolution, tweaks
F1 2018: G3D/Z3D, Immersive Screen Mode, 3D HUD, DirectVR: tweaks
Battlefield V: Z3D, FullVR, DirectVR: resolution, FOV, tweaks

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

Saints Row III: shadows/HUD defined, defaults to immersive screen mode now
Space Engineers: DX11 support: G3D/Z3D (Z3D recommended for performance)
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: G3D and DirectVR fixed
Resident Evil 7: better wide angle headset support. Make sure to reset the profile after update!
Prey [2007]: OpenGL hooking was accidentally diabled
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: G3D positional tracking unlocked
Dark Souls III: Some objects where displayed at wrong depth


 vorpX 19.1.1

– Support for Pimax 5K/8K which require special treatment in various regards.
(Make sure to check the vorpX help for recommended PiTool/SteamVR settings.)


– Gamepad emulation button ‘press & hold’ did not work for trigger axes.
– DirectVR scanner FOV wasn’t changed correctly when switching play styles.
– Launching games with vorpX shortcuts only worked for lowercase .exe names.
– Control and config app could crash after updates on Windows 7.

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: profile wasn’t visible in config app
Watch Dogs: profile wasn’t visible in config app
World of WarCraft: graphics API was not set to correct value for WoW 8.1.5
Skyrim SE: pre-cached DirectVR FOV updated for latest game version
Fallout 4: pre-cached DirectVR FOV updated for latest game version
GTA V: HUD/minimap shader fixes, VSync wasn’t set correctly after game updat


vorpX 19.1.0


– More complete D3D 11.1 support (e.g. newer Frostbite and CryEngine games).
– Automated profile database updates for more user friendly profile fixes in between app releases.
– Alternative hooking mode that might be more reliable for some games (configurable in config app).
– Improved DirectVR game resolution calculation.
– Protection against hooking a process too early. Minimizes the chance of ‘random’ start crashes.
– Significantly reduced memory usage for some DX11 games (e.g. 100MB in Bioshock Remastered).
– Game input gets disabled while the Oculus/SteamVR dashboard is active if possible.


– DirectVR memory scanner cache was not reset when restoring profile defaults
– Camera does not spin anymore while pressing the ALT key in some Battlefield games
– D3D9 games with multiple swapchains (e.g. The Darkness II) could crash on device reset
– Z3D didn’t work anymore in cinema/immersive screen mode with ‘Generic Headset (desktop)’
– Color correction didn ‘t work in cinema/immersive screen mode with ‘Generic Headset (desktop)’
– Pre-defined game UI scale values were only correct for Oculus Rift CV1
– Potentially missing Microsoft runtimes were downloaded during install but not installed

New Game Profiles:

Batman: Arkham Knight: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
The Surge: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: G3D, immersive screen mode
Bioshock Remastered: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: resolution, tracking, FOV, tweaks
Bioshock 2 Remastered: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: resolution, tracking, FOV, tweaks
Farming Simulator 2019: G3D, full VR, DirectVR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
Mafia III: Z3D, immersive screen mode
GRIS: G3D, cinema mode

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

Prey [2017]: Geometry 3D added, DirectVR FOV/resolution working again.
Resident Evil 7: hand shimmer/glow fixed.
Need for Speed Rivals: street reflections fixed.
Battlefield 4: Geometry 3D and scalable HUD added.
Star Wars Battlefront 2: Geometry 3D added.
Mass Effect Andromeda: Geometry 3D and scalable HUD added.
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Geometry 3D and scalable HUD added.
Elex: Geometry 3D and scalable HUD added.
Max Payne 3: DX11 G3D flickering elements fixes, DirectVR tweaks added.
Arma 2: game could crash on device reset (e.g. resolution change).
Take On Helicopters: game could crash on device reset (e.g. resolution change)
The Witcher 2: Geometry 3D did not work anymore.
GTA V: scalable HUD added.
What Remains of Edith Finch: various fixes.
The Darkness II: G3D did not work correctly anymore.
Gone Home: Z3D added (was Geometry 3D only)
Firewatch: Z3D added (was Geometry 3D only)
Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Z3D added (was Geometry 3D only)
Inside: Z3D added (was Geometry 3D only)

Aperçu du DirectVR Optimizer apparu dans vorpX 17.3.0