(MàJ 16/12/2018) : nouvelle version de vorpX, qui passe du coup en

vorpX 18.3.2


– SteamVR: Fix for frequent judder below 90fps with recent SteamVR versions.
– SteamVR/Oculus: Motion Smoothing/Asynchronous Space Warp support.
– SteamVR: Supersampling <1.0 is now taken into account (only important for Pimax 5k/8k).
– Oculus: Crystal Image setting takes user set super sampling into account.
– D3D11: several multithreading fixes and improvements
The Witcher: better Geometry 3D profile, Z3D parameters tweaked
The Witcher 2: G3D did not work anymore, Z3D parameters tweaked
GTA V: scalable HUD added

(MàJ vorpX

This hotfix addresses the SteamVR head tracking swim/latency introduced with yesterday’s update.
No other changes.

(MàJ vorpX

– Improvements for WMR headsets related to issues with most recent SteamVR.
Fallout 76: FOV did not work since the game got official FOV change support.
– OpenVR updated to 1.1.3b

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jeux compatibles vorpX


vorpX 18.3.1

New profiles:

Fallout 76: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: head tracking, resolution, FOV, tweaks



– Effects that look bad in VR (e.g. DOF blur) can also be disabled with Z3D.
– DirectVR scanner could time out with large scans in low memory situations.
– DirectVR menu page didn’t behave correctly if both memory scan FOV and .ini edit FOV are available.
– FOV scan was run despite .ini edit FOV being selected if both are available.
– Fixed an occasional G3D crash in Fallout 76 (and maybe other DX11 games).
Arma III: DirectVR FOV was slightly too high.
The Witcher 3: some objects were rendered at wrong depth.
Crysis 3: reflections fixed, effect fixes.
Fallout 4: minor gun decals and fire glitches fixed.




vorpX 18.3.0


– New D3D11/DXGI hooking method (allows to hook Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey)
– Improved XInput version handling
– Improved D3D11 HUD/UI-scaling
– For better accessibility important game information is now shown on monitor mirror, not just as
temporary notification in the headset.
– Games that load an incompatible OpenVR version themselves no longer crash with SteamVR headsets
(might not be a 100% solution, but works with Black Mesa, Rise of the Tomb Raider)
– Direct VR memory scanner improvements
– Experienced users can now create better custom profiles by defining HUD/shadow etc. shaders.


Gamepad/VR Hotkey mapping did not work anymore when clicking the buttons with the mouse.
– Various UI related fixes/changes.
G3D didn’t work anymore in some D3D11 games (e.g. F1 2014).
– In various D3D11 games with HUD scaling the HUD was not correctly centered in Z3D mode.
– Occasional visual glitches (e.g. black squares on image) in some UE4 games should no longer occur.
– In gamepad mode VR controller button states were released although the button was still pressed.

New Game Profiles:

Life is Strange 2: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
Monster Hunter World: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR tweaks
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: native 3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR tweaks
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
Dark Souls Remastered: G3D, immersive screen mode
Vampyr: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition: G3D, immersive screen mode
DiRT 4: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR resolution, tweaks
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition: G3D/Z3D, fullVR, DirectVR: resolution, tracking, FOV, tweaks
Path of Exile: G3D, cinema mode, DirectVR tweaks

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

Tomb Raider [2013]: Geometry 3D added
Kingdom Come: Deliverance: HUD, sky, shadow detection did not work anymore after game update
Rise of the Tomb Raider: DirectVR tweaks added
F.E.A.R.2: positional tracking unlocked, shader fixes, DirectVR FOV
Dishonored 2: Z-buffer wasn’t always correctly determined, leading to a ‘cross-eyed’ view.
Conan Exiles [no BattleEye]: DirectVR head tracking and resolution added.


Aperçu du DirectVR Optimizer apparu dans vorpX 17.3.0