(MàJ 15/11/2018) : nouvelle version de vorpX, qui passe du coup en 18.3.1

vorpX 18.3.1 has been released.
This is a maintenance release that mainly adds support for Fallout 76.
The profile is a fully featured DirectVR profile with everything DirectVR can do in the best case including automatic resolution, FOV (two methods) and basic roomscale.

Additionally minor issues with the program itself and other profiles have been fixed.

In case anyone wonders: the Frostbite engine G3D support that sparked a bit of interest recently is still in development and will be made available with the next larger update 19.1.0 before the end of the year.


New profiles:

Fallout 76: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: head tracking, resolution, FOV, tweaks



– Effects that look bad in VR (e.g. DOF blur) can also be disabled with Z3D.
– DirectVR scanner could time out with large scans in low memory situations.
– DirectVR menu page didn’t behave correctly if both memory scan FOV and .ini edit FOV are available.
– FOV scan was run despite .ini edit FOV being selected if both are available.
– Fixed an occasional G3D crash in Fallout 76 (and maybe other DX11 games).
Arma III: DirectVR FOV was slightly too high.
The Witcher 3: some objects were rendered at wrong depth.
Crysis 3: reflections fixed, effect fixes.
Fallout 4: minor gun decals and fire glitches fixed.


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vorpX 18.3.0 (octobre 2018)


– New D3D11/DXGI hooking method (allows to hook Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey)
– Improved XInput version handling
– Improved D3D11 HUD/UI-scaling
– For better accessibility important game information is now shown on monitor mirror, not just as
temporary notification in the headset.
– Games that load an incompatible OpenVR version themselves no longer crash with SteamVR headsets
(might not be a 100% solution, but works with Black Mesa, Rise of the Tomb Raider)
– Direct VR memory scanner improvements
– Experienced users can now create better custom profiles by defining HUD/shadow etc. shaders.


Gamepad/VR Hotkey mapping did not work anymore when clicking the buttons with the mouse.
– Various UI related fixes/changes.
G3D didn’t work anymore in some D3D11 games (e.g. F1 2014).
– In various D3D11 games with HUD scaling the HUD was not correctly centered in Z3D mode.
– Occasional visual glitches (e.g. black squares on image) in some UE4 games should no longer occur.
– In gamepad mode VR controller button states were released although the button was still pressed.

New Game Profiles:

Life is Strange 2: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
Monster Hunter World: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR tweaks
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: native 3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR tweaks
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
Dark Souls Remastered: G3D, immersive screen mode
Vampyr: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition: G3D, immersive screen mode
DiRT 4: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode, DirectVR resolution, tweaks
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition: G3D/Z3D, fullVR, DirectVR: resolution, tracking, FOV, tweaks
Path of Exile: G3D, cinema mode, DirectVR tweaks

Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

Tomb Raider [2013]: Geometry 3D added
Kingdom Come: Deliverance: HUD, sky, shadow detection did not work anymore after game update
Rise of the Tomb Raider: DirectVR tweaks added
F.E.A.R.2: positional tracking unlocked, shader fixes, DirectVR FOV
Dishonored 2: Z-buffer wasn’t always correctly determined, leading to a ‘cross-eyed’ view.
Conan Exiles [no BattleEye]: DirectVR head tracking and resolution added.


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vorpX 18.3.0


Aperçu du DirectVR Optimizer apparu dans vorpX 17.3.0