(MàJ 11/09/2019) : C’est l’heure de la nouvelle MàJ annuelle pour la version VR de THE FOREST. Le studio Endnight Games apporte avec cette V1.12, le support du VALVe Index et une tonne de correctifs tous décris dans la trèèèèès longue liste ci-dessous…

Hey everyone,

This patch updates The Forest VR to include support for the new index controllers as well as fixing and improving a ton of VR specific issues.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

PC VR Patch :

– Full support for Index and SteamVR 2.0 input system
– Custom build Input binding maps for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Knuckles VR controllers
– Added Finger/grip tracking support for all VR controllers. Knuckles tracks all fingers independently
– Rebuilt the input hint system to be dynamic and match controller bindings / controllers
– Impact Haptic Vibration (can be disabled)
– Item Hover Vibration (can be disabled)
– Added support for VR native onscreen keyboard
– Linked Haptic vibration support to ‘controller rumble’ in options
– Fixed Timmy Epilogue camera
– Fixed Survival book movement lock bug
– Fixed Crossbow position reset when player knocked over during reload
– Fixed missing helicopter in sinkhole
– Fixed bug that prevented players from manually placing walls and fences on a foundation or floor
– Fixed Map missing back faces
– Fixed Climbing axe triggering power attacks
– Fixed Locked sliders in the options menu if a Controller is not plugged in
– Fixed Drowning not triggering
– Fixed Oculus unable to take dried meat from drying racks
– Fixed controls preventing players from adding meat to fires/drying racks while holding them
– Fixed effigies not lighting from lighter interaction
– Fixed Enemies color glitch in Multiplayer
– Fixed missing UI prompts for Repulsor Artifact
– Fixed duplicated Rebreather mesh in some 3rd person instances
– Fixed some transparent objects not visible at ocean/skybox horizon
– Fixed floating Bats in title scene
– Fixed bug with disabled physical crouching in VR resetting player height
– Fixed missing shelter Icons
– Fixed issues with watch hints / tutorials
– Fixed issue where options menu closes immediately when opened
– Fixed missing “Host Not Responding” alert in Multiplayer
– Fixed HUD visible during options / loading / pause menus
– Fixed Keyboard hints visible when no controller connected
– Fixed Pointer icon visible in certain contexts
– Fixed Grip button combining inputs from the trigger button
– Fixed intro Cutscene skip bug
– Fixed Modern bow and crafted bow with flashlight clipping through the crafting list if it is brought up while they’re not on the crafting mat
– Fixed Crafting List overlapping Crafting Cog
– Fixed instant ‘redrop’ of some items
– Fixed bug allowing game to be paused during Megan transformation, causing music desync
– Fixed ‘Select’ input on main menu switches to Grip after opening keypad door
– Removed visible controllers in the main menus
– Added missing Controller Hints
– Fixed movement in VR not working with Pedometer
– Fixed flare autolight when thrown
– Fixed Sleep interaction / information for shelters
– Fixed Save interaction for shelters
– Fixed Marker interaction / visibility for shelters
– Fixed tutorial backing bug issues
– Fixed tutorials not clearing
– Fix mapping controller changes for Unity 2017+
– Fixed slow projectiles bug
– Fixed glowing circle visible under remote players feet when viewing inventory in caves
– Fixed controller hints inverted when looking from behind
– Fixed issue with player models face features visible in inventory
– Set Walkie Talkies audio to match selected output target
– Fixed stashing the bow while it is drawn locks the animation into the drawn state. Cannot be fired or reset afterwards.
– Fixed Samsung Odyssey deadzone issues
– Improved rendering for ghosts
– Ensured backing is updated for tutorials / building ingredients
– Fixed building mission missing from watch
– Fixed icon for artifact
– Fixed molotov null ref error
– Prevented haptics from triggering with grabber ping pong
– Fixed custom floor placement
– Fixed tutorial missing button for survival book
– Fix for roof construction VR
– Fixed VR ‘interactable’ destroy bug
– Fixed hint display issue VR
– Disabled some HUD gui in VR crafting
– Fixed Opening inventory with survival book locked player
– Fixed Sliders bug in options in game
– Fixed HUD (health) display issues
– Fixed bats visible at start
– Setup new ingredients display for VR in inventory
– Fixed issue with error when returning to title scene
– Improved VR button shader
– Improved VR hint system
– Locked hand tracking for arm holding log
– Set correct verbs for inventory ‘use’
– Added Equip hint when item is crafted on mat
– Stopped Ghosts rendering in pause menu
– Fixed the 2d fire effect on held stick
– Hid weapon stats in inventory
– Fixed sleeping Queue in Multiplayer preventing players from opening inventory/book
– Fixed adding rabbits to cages
– Fixed visual bug with bow disappearing visually for a few seconds when crafted
– Added repair blocked icon
– Added repair ‘progress’ icon
– Added ‘Stealth’ icon
– Added lighter first use icon
– Added building blocked icon
– Added missing prompt for rabbit cages
– Added core controller hints for inv/book on look at hands
– Disabled some tutorials for VR (book)
– Added new VR Quick Select System
– Blocked Inventory/book hints when not in world
– Fixed VR prompt translations
– Setup all items for quickselect placements
– Fixed quick select item placements on mat
– Support visuals for ‘non-equiment’ quick select
– Item names in inventory
– Made drop action a little more deliberate
– Fixed bug with the rabbit cages (hint not showing)
– Fixed a bug that stopped the ‘use’ progress bar not displaying initially on the traps when resetting
– Improved VR support for under water (shaders)
– Fixed issue with ‘Vignette’ eye overlap
– Fixed blotchy texture on VR player hands mesh
– Fixed watch not visible in inventory while in caves
– Fixed Unable to physically light pre-placed fires in caves
– Fixed missing ending triggers hold prompt
– Fixed missing Megan pickup hold prompt
– Fixed missing Placing megan into artifact hold prompt
– Fixed missing Timmy artifact hold prompt
– Fixed missing MP Sleeping hold prompt
– Fixed missing MP Backpack collection hold prompt
– Fixed missing MP Taking items from the plane tray hold prompt
– Fixed missing Drinking prompt hold prompt
– Fixed missing Water collection hold prompt
– Removed grip Lighter prompts
– Prevented stashing of left hand items when holding logs
– 2d HUD shows up on crafting mat when materials are added sometimes



[26/04/2018] :

À l’instar de Subnautica qui est sorti fin janvier dernier de sa longue phase d’Accès Anticipé, avec un support VR (mais incomplet). À leur tour, Les développeurs du studio Endnight Games avaient déclaré début février dernier, que la version 1.0 de THE FOREST était en approche. Et qu’il fallait du coup, aussi compter sur l’arrivée du support VR pour leur jeu. Mais toujours sans préciser de date. Ce jeu mélangeant survie/horreur à un système d’artisanat assez poussé, est en Accès Anticipé depuis mai 2014 ! Avec d’ailleurs une version VR prévue depuis sur Oculus RiFT notamment.

Puis, au début de ce mois-ci dans un message bref toujours sur le forum Steam de THE FOREST. Annoncent enfin la date choisie pour la sortie officielle de leur bébé : le 30 avril 2018. Mais cette-fois-ci aucune mention VR, alors qu’ils avaient promis de le faire à l’approche de la sortie du jeu (sic)

Rendez-vous donc d’ici moins d’une semaine maintenant, pour avoir le fin mot de l’histoire.


[30/04/2018] :

Les développeurs de THE FOREST viennent de dévoiler une date pour la version VR. Et ce sera non pas pour aujourd’hui, date de la v1.0. Il va falloir encore patienter un petit peu, car on aura droit d’y jouer avec nos casques VR, le 22 Mai prochain. Ils en sont dithyrambiques. On ne demande qu’à les croire.

source : steamcommunity.com


[22/05/2018] :

Comme promis finalement le mois dernier. Les développeurs de THE FOREST viennent de sortir aujourd’hui la tant attendue MàJ VR. Ainsi, le jeu devient jouable en entier et spécialement (re)pensé pour la Réalité Virtuelle. À noter que celle-ci est en phase Bêta, et donc sujette à des bug, etc.

Hey everyone,

This release adds a first pass of VR Support to The Forest.

Some of the highlights of the VR version include: Full bow aiming. Throwing flares by breaking the tops off them. Lighting molotovs with your lighter, full 3d inventory, and 3d book, and of course chopping down trees with touch controls, but our favourite part of this release are the caves. The caves feel claustrophobic and terrifying and the creatures at scale take on a new life.

We’re releasing this as beta as we see VR as something really exciting but also very new. We’re trying a ton of ideas with how selection works, with how cutscenes work, with our inventory and want everyone’s ideas and feedback so we can make this the best VR experience possible.

As it is beta, expect some bugs and technical issues. We’ll be updating this branch regularly.

Note: First release does not have multiplayer support but that’s coming soon.


[20/08/2018] :

C’est une nouvelle MàJ VR majeure que vient de livrer le studio Endnight Games, après celle de juin dernier. Cette V1.09 est disponible depuis ce vendredi et apporte pas mal de correctifs, tous décris dans le changelog ci-dessous.

– Fixed glow under MP player visible when inventory is opened in caves
– Added skull icon on respawn in multiplayer, clearer text and made controllers visible
– Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in collision or falling through floor when entering caves
– Ik tracked arms now smoothly blend on and off when transitioning into cutscenes/full body animation
– Fixed some bone armour pieces visible on player when equipped
– Ik arms now blend off when controllers are not being held
– Fixed other players visible in overlook area during end game cutscene
– It’s possible to catch fish now with the spear
– Holding trigger now reverses the direction of the spear, to make it easier when throwing over the shoulder
– Fixed missing vhs tape visuals
– Performance – Optimized which ui cameras are active
– Fixed wrong head mesh visible in ghost mode and dead screen
– Controllers are now visible in MP injured state and hanging in cave sequence
– Fixed unable to place rabbits in rabbit cage
– UI outlines for delayed actions now have full rectangle instead of just 2 lines
– player names are now visible in MP
– Fixed missing plane crash audio
– Stick marker flag icons are now visible
– Fixed hands sometimes appearing to stutter when moving
– Added option to hold melee weapons in left hand
– watch face now turns on/off when looking at it
– Fixed seam visible on players neck
– Increased distance yacht lod switches in
– Fixed issue where vr could sometimes get ultra low settings when starting after playing the regular version of the game