(MàJ 22/06/2019) : nouvelle MàJ majeure avec la V0.5.0


– Boss battle! Fight the C.E.O. in his helicopter on the roof of The Compound! (new boss enemy with multiple attack patterns, new hand crafted map, new music)
– Official Valve Index support! (Please remember to reset your options if you change hardware)
– New element to wrist HUD: Stored weapon is displayed
– New element to wrist HUD: Larger, clearer text indicating if you have been spotted or not
– Completely revamped skybox for all maps (clouds, moon, stars visible)
– Slight buff to max shotgun ammo
– Lobby 2 size reduced slightly


– Fixed drone type enemy’s occasional ‘bouncy’ movement
– Fixed a bug where you could make your hand temporarily disappear
– Fixed an issue where drones could phase through walls if the game was left on pause for too long
– Stopped signs spawning inside cover objects on sewer levels
– Drones should no longer get stuck outside of the map


[23/04/2018] :

Le jeu COMPOUND dont la démo disponible depuis plus d’un an, donne un peu de ses nouvelles. En effet, créé en amateur par son unique développeur: Bevan McKechnie, qui a récemment indiqué sur Steam qu’il travaillait dur pour ajouter des nouveaux contenus. Prévus pour bientôt dans une Mise à Jour majeure. Ce FPS aux graphismes certes Old-Shool, digne héritier d’un Wolfenstein 3D. Mais une fois le casque sur la tête, le fun est instantané, voire supérieur à certains jeux VR. Mais ce n’est pas tout, puisque Bevan McKechnie a également déclaré que la version Accès Anticipé de COMPOUND était pratiquement prête. Avec encore plus de nouveaux contenus. Il va falloir cependant se montrer patient, car il bosse sur le jeu en dehors de son temps de travail.

La démo de COMPOUND est disponible sur la fiche Steam et fonctionne sur et  .


[15/05/2018] :

Comme promis, la version Accès Anticipé de COMPOUND est disponible aujourd’hui sur Steam pour Oculus RiFT & HTC ViVE. Au tarif de 19,90€. Son développeur Bevan McKechnie se lance donc enfin dans le « grand bain ». Avec entre autre pour cette v0.1.0, le support des Oculus Touch.


[12/01/2019] :

Nouvelle année! nouvelle MàJ: la V0.2.0.!


– New Railgun Stalker Enemy

– New Rapid Fire Attack Drone Enemy

– Dual wielding!
– Support for ambidextrous controls
– New teleport mechanic: you can now teleport to any room you have visited before (provided no – enemies are currently looking for you)
– Knuckles and SteamVR Input Binding support
– New music for executive level
– Info board in HQ with version number and news on latest update to COMPOUND


– Clunky « sprinting » mechanic removed, walk speed increased (you can now teleport to other parts of the map)
– Main menu now a button located on MapMan
– Assault Rifle magazine size buffed
– Plasma pistols uses your internal power source. This means that using two pistols at once drains the power twice as fast.
– Re-wrote tutorial to reflect many changes in game mechanics
– Added much needed door sounds to Executive level
– New config file format now saved with different file name so older versions are no longer broken
– Stalker enemies now back up if they are too close to player


– Can no longer re-load empty grenade casings
– Fixed weapons in shooting range occasionally freezing
– Long standing occasional bug where hands are detached from controllers finally fixed!
– Throw distance no longer effected by inconsistent framerate
– Added missing physics collision geo near doorframe with plants on executive level
– Teleport and spawn locations made more accurate
– Mapman and inventory properly reset when returning to HQ
– Fixed infinite charge pistols on first boot
– Fixed enemy gunshot sounds occasionally being distorted
– Removed z-fighting on gun hooks in shooting range
– Fixed issue where player could not pick up hamurgers when no ammo for current weapon in inventory

Bindable actions:

– ‘Locomotion’ – Bind this to a thumb stick or touch pad for artificial locomotion
– ‘Teleport’ – Press to show your teleport destination. Release to teleport
– ‘Enable Locomotion’ – If this button is bound, locomotion will only be active when this button is pressed. Only really useful for Vive users who want to press the touch pad to enable locomotion
– ‘Enable Locomotion on Empty Hand’ – Same as ‘Enable Locomotion’, but only applies if the hand is not holding a weapon. Again, this is Vive specific
– ‘Turn Right/Left’ – Rotate left or right (for front facing users)
– ‘Turn’ – Depreciated and not currently enabled for the test build. Please see ‘Turn Right/Left’ as d-pad clicks (West and East).

– ‘Move forward/back/left/right’ – These are not currently enabled. Coming very soon for users who want a button to move instead of a thumbstick, etc.
– ‘Fire’ – Fire your weapon. Also used to ‘click’ on buttons with an empty hand
– ‘Grab’ – Grab an object or weapon
– ‘Store and Retrieve Weapon’ – Put the currently held weapon in your inventory, or retrieve a currently stored weapon to your hand.
– ‘Release Weapon’ – If this button is bound, weapon grabbing becomes a toggle effect. Press this button to release the weapon.

Note: that if you bind multiple actions to one button, make sure the thresholds are the same to ensure correct behavior. i.e. grab and release can be bound to the same button.

source: steamcommunauty.com