Près de 2 mois après sa sortie. ARKTIKA 1, l’exclusivité Oculus du mois d’Octobre va bénéficier de l’ajout de plusieurs localisations dont le français. Ainsi que de la sauvegarde dans le Cloud. Il ne manque plus que celle de Lone Echo qui est également en cours, sans oublier aussi celle de la saga The Gallery. Et la fin de cette année serait Parfaite !

la liste des corrections :


  • ARKTIKA.1 is now available in German, French, and Spanish!

Cloud Saves

  • ARKTIKA.1 now has a Cloud Save functionality that retains your save files, so you can play from any PC.


  • Fixed a bug causing saved progress to persist between different Oculus accounts on the same machine.
  • Fixed several known crashes.
  • Multiple performance improvements throughout.

Level Specific

  • Fixed a few bugs encountered during METRO: Robot Gone Rogue causing yagas to act unintentionally.
  • Fixed a bug where objects thrown at the player by the mech in METRO: Robot Gone Rogue and TERMINAL: Robot Redux were not destructible.
  • Updated balance for the Punisher against the mech in METRO: Robot Gone Rogue and TERMINAL: Robot Redux.
  • Fixed a bug encountered during the mech battles in METRO: Robot Gone Rogue and TERMINAL: Robot Redux causing the mech to become immortal or act unintentionally.
  • Fixed a bug causing the drone to infinitely format data in SECRET HQ: Unknown Territory.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to destroy the Firebird using the Punisher in GALLERIA: Meeting Mr. Mitchell.
  • Fixed a bug preventing progression in RAIL DEPOT: The Vault with Punisher equipped.
  • Fixed a bug with container locks on RAIL DEPOT: The Vault


  • The player can no longer accidentally start levels without their weapons holstered.
  • Weapon balance adjusted throughout.
  • Weapon damage output post-upgrade has been corrected.
  • Attachments have been balanced throughout to work more accurately and provide the player with better precision.
  • Several achievements and perks have been balanced.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to destroy friendly drones with the EM Pulse perk.
  • Fixed several bugs involving movement points causing the player to get stuck.
  • Fixed several additional minor bugs.

Source : 4A GAMES